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React & React Native Components & Patterns

copy-paste components & patterns crafted with Tailwind CSS (NativeWind)
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Copy-paste components, patterns & screens

Integrate pre-built, high-quality components and screens quickly by copying and pasting. Save time, ensure consistency, and customize easily with Tailwind classes.
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Same code for Next.js and Expo

Build universal apps seamlessly with consistent code across Next.js and Expo projects. Enhance productivity, ensure code consistency, and simplify maintenance for web and mobile platforms.
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Customize all the way, don’t lose control!

Take full control of your code with copy-paste components for limitless customization. Customize every UI element precisely, from aesthetics to interactive behaviors.
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The Power of Tailwind CSS with NativeWind

Unleash your creativity and maximize the styling possibilities with Tailwind utility classes. Combine Tailwind utility classes with the powerful styling engine of NativeWind, ideal for universal applications.
import { Button, ButtonText } from "@/components/ui/button"
function Example() {
return (
<Button size="md" className="bg-primary-500 hover:bg-primary-600">
<ButtonText className="text-typography-50">Button</ButtonText>


This project wouldn't have been possible without the great work by community members and inspiration from these libraries.
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