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Following is the default implementation of the SafeAreaView component without any additional customization. This serves as a starting point for users who are new to this library and want to learn about the basic functionality and appearance of the component.
Note: SafeAreaView component is only applicable to iOS devices with iOS version 11 or later.

Note: You can refer here to learn about default styling of SafeAreaView component


To use this component in your project, include the following import statement in your file.
import { SafeAreaView } from '@gluestack-ui/themed';


The structure provided below can help you identify and understand a SafeAreaView component's various parts.
export default () => <SafeAreaView />

API Reference

The following section contains a comprehensive list of the component's references, including descriptions, properties, types, and default behavior. This information is readily available for you to access, helping you effectively utilize the component library in your projects.


It inherits all the properties of React Native's SafeAreaView component.