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Exploring gluestack-ui solutions

gluestack-ui provides customizable components and patterns to fit your project's needs.
With NativeWind
If you are starting a new design system, this pattern is a good option.
This provides complete customizability from the beginning.
gluestack-ui-with-nativewind provides tailwind classnames support.
This is not a library, This provides code snippets that you can copy and paste into your project files.
This uses nativewind as styling engine.
Themed Library
Not Recommended
This helps to quickstart your project.
It supports utility props and is built on top gluestack-style
This provides pre-designed, customizable components that you can directly use in your project.
This is an ejectable library, you can eject entire library and have maximum customizable component.
This solution is not recommended, as it limits the customizability of the components.
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