This is the pre-release documentation for gluestack-ui with NativeWind (alpha) version. For @gluestack-ui/themed(stable) documentation, refer to the latest release (v1).

Figma UI Kit

The Figma UI Kit provides a collection of ready-to-use UI components from the gluestack-ui library. So you can directly use these components in Figma and design your app. The developers won’t have a chance to say this is not possible!


Customize with ease

  • AutoLayout support - AutoLayout is a powerful feature in Figma that helps you create responsive and flexible designs by automatically adjusting the layout and spacing of elements within frames. It's particularly useful for designing interfaces that need to adapt to various screen sizes or content changes.
  • Color Tokens - Color tokens in Figma refer to a systematic and organized way of managing and using colors within your design projects. They help maintain consistency and make it easier to update colors across your designs by defining a centralized set of color values that can be reused throughout your project. In this Figma UI Kit we have a beautiful palette around 4312 color tokens with alpha support, covering around 48 colors with its 10 hues.
  • Text Tokens - Text tokens in Figma, sometimes referred to as text styles or text components, allow you to define and manage a consistent set of text properties such as font, size, line spacing, color, and more. Text tokens help maintain a unified text style across your design project, making it easier to ensure consistency and make global updates when needed. In this Figma UI Kit, we have two major foundation components Text and Heading, along with its sizes and font weights.
  • Shadow Tokens - Shadow tokens in Figma, sometimes referred to as effect styles, allow you to define and manage Effects, like drop shadows, stroke, blur and even images as Styles. In this Figma UI Kit, we majorly have included two shadows, named Hard and Soft shadows.
  • Components - Components in Figma are reusable design elements that allow you to create consistent and efficient designs. Components can represent UI elements, icons, buttons, or any other visual elements that you want to reuse across your design projects. This Figma UI Kit, includes around 23 components along with its instances mapped in compound components.

Try it now

Find the Figma UI Kit live here!