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This is an illustration of a Themed Spinner component with default configuration.
<Spinner size="small" />

API Reference


To use this component in your project, include the following import statement in your file.
import { Spinner } from "@gluestack-ui/themed"


The structure provided below can help you identify and understand a Spinner component's various parts.
export default () => <Spinner />

Component Props

This section provides a comprehensive reference list for the component props, detailing descriptions, properties, types, and default behavior for easy project integration.


Contains all Spinner related layout style props and actions. It inherits all the properties of React Native's ActivityIndicator component.


We have outlined the various features that ensure the Fab component is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. These features help ensure that your application is inclusive and meets accessibility standards.


  • Tab: Moves focus to the next focusable element.

Screen Reader

  • VoiceOver: When the Spinner is focused, the screen reader will announce the loading indicator.


The Examples section provides visual representations of the different variants of the component, allowing you to quickly and easily determine which one best fits your needs. Simply copy the code and integrate it into your project.

Spinner with Label

A Spinner component with a label provides informative text or a label alongside the spinner, offering descriptive context and improving user understanding and interaction with the spinner element within a user interface.
<HStack space="sm">
<Spinner />
<Text size="md">Please Wait</Text>

Color Scheme

A Spinner component with a color scheme enhances visual appeal by incorporating distinct colors, adding a touch of customization and style to the spinner element within a user interface.
<VStack space="md">
<Spinner color="$indigo600" />
<Spinner color="$emerald600" />
<Spinner color="$amber600" />
<Spinner color="$fuchsia600" />


All the components in gluestack-ui are unstyled by default. To customize your UI using the extendedTheme, please refer to this link. The import names of components serve as keys to customize each component.

Spec Doc

Explore the comprehensive details of the Spinner in this document, including its implementation details, checklist, and potential future additions. Dive into the thought process behind the component and gain insights into its development journey.