Looking for documentation on gluestack-ui with NativeWind (alpha) version? Refer to this link.


What is gluestack-ui, and how does it differ from other UI frameworks?

gluestack-ui is a universal UI library that provides optionally styled and accessible components. These components are designed for easy integration into applications developed with React and React Native.
gluestack-ui offers seamless accessibility features and uniform styling across both mobile and web platforms, making it a versatile component library. With gluestack-ui, you can write code once and deploy it anywhere.

What is the difference between gluestack-ui and gluestack-style?

gluestack-style is a high-performing and universal CSS-in-JS library, whereas gluestack-ui provides a set of themed ready-to-use universal components that can be added to any project and styled to fit your needs. You can even customize the components as desired.

What are the new components in the pipeline?

We're currently working on adding new components which include Table, Accordion, Tabs and many more. We've already prepared API drafts for some of these components, which you can find in our documentation. You can check out our new component development roadmap here.