By providing access to hover, pressed, and focus events, Pressable serves as a more flexible alternative to buttons at a lower level of abstraction. It is a useful primitive for advanced customization needs.
API Reference
This is an illustration of Pressable component.
onPress={() => console.log("Hello")}
<Text color="$text0">Press me</Text>


Step 1: Install the following dependencies:

npm i @gluestack-ui/pressable

Step 2: Copy and paste the following code into your project.

import { styled } from "@gluestack-style/react"
import { Pressable as RNPressable } from "react-native"
export const Pressable = styled(RNPressable, {
_web: {
":focusVisible": {
outlineWidth: "2px",
outlineColor: "$primary700",
outlineStyle: "solid",

Step 3: Update the import paths to match your project setup.

API Reference

To use this component in your project, include the following import statement in your file.
import { Pressable } from "@/components/ui/Pressable"
export default () => <Pressable />

Component Props

This section provides a comprehensive reference list for the component props, detailing descriptions, properties, types, and default behavior for easy project integration.


It inherits all the properties of React Native's Pressable component.
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