Customize your components

To customize theme of gluestack-style components in @gluestack-style/react, create a gluestack-style.config.js file if it doesn't already exist and define your components theme along with other configuration settings.
import { createConfig } from "@gluestack-style/react"
export const config = createConfig({
aliases: {},
tokens: {},
components: {
Button: {
// write same component name which is passed in styled
theme: {
bg: "$primary500",
variants: {
variant: {
secondary: {
bg: "$secondary500",
componentConfig: {
descendantStyle: ["_text"],
} as const)
Important: When extending the theme of a styled component, it's essential to provide the component's name as demonstrated below. Additionally, ensure that the component's name specified in components in createConfig should perfectly match the name you pass within the styled function. This alignment ensures proper theme extension functionality.
const MyButton = styled(Pressable, {
bg: '$red500',
p: '$3',
componentName:"Button" // pass same component name which is passed in config
const export Button = () => <MyButton variant="secondary"/>;