Customizing Theme

Customizing the theme in gluestack-ui with gluestack-style involves defining a theme configuration and applying it using GluestackUIProvider, enabling you to style your application's visual elements according to your design preferences.
Customizing Tokens

Customizing Tokens

gluestack-ui with gluestack style ships with a default config which contains a set of already defined tokens which are mapped seperately with each mode. Customizing these tokens allows you to tailor the core design elements of the library to match your project's unique visual identity.
To customize tokens, follow these steps:
  1. Step
    Go to gluestack-ui-provider/config.ts file. Update or add new tokens as per your requirements.
export const config = createConfig({
// ... config
tokens: {
colors: {
// replacing primary color
primary0: '#ffffff',
primary50: '#a3fff4',
primary100: '#82fff0',
primary200: '#61ffed',
primary300: '#45fae5',
primary400: '#24f9e1',
primary500: '#17f3d9',
primary600: '#12e4cb',
primary700: '#17ccb7',
primary800: '#1ab5a3',
primary900: '#1c9f90',
primary950: '#000000',
... // Other tokens
type Config = typeof config;
declare module '@gluestack-style/react' {
interface ICustomConfig extends Config {}
You can customize all the tokens in the config. For a complete list of tokens and default values, please check default Tokens.
By utilizing this approach, you can seamlessly modify the primary color tokens of the theme while maintaining the overall theme configuration intact.
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